April Newsletter

Wymondham Day Retreat

On Saturday 22nd April, we’ll be having our spring Day Retreat at the Fairland Church Centre in Wymondham. Anyone who has been introduced to our practice is welcome to come along.

A map of how to find the venue is available here. For those travelling by car, there is parking at the centre. For anyone making the journey by train, the centre is a short walk from the rail station. For people travelling from Norwich, we are arranging lifts from the Priory, with cars leaving at 9.30am. If you would like a lift or are able to offer a lift, please contact the Priory.

It would be very helpful if you could bring your own meditation equipment to the retreat. Otherwise, there will be some wedges available for sitting on chairs. For lunch, please bring your own sandwiches/packed lunch.

The retreat will begin at 10.30am, with people welcome to arrive from 10.00am, and it will finish at 4.00pm. If you’re not able to stay for the whole retreat, it’s fine to join in for part of the day. The schedule for the day can be found here.

One of our previous retreats at the Fairland Church Centre

Wesak Festival

On Sunday 30th April, the Priory will be celebrating Wesak, the Festival of the Buddha’s Birth. This ceremony is one of the Buddhist calendar’s main events and you’re very welcome to join us for any part of the morning’s schedule. There will be two meditation periods, at 9.30am and 10.00am. The festival is due to begin at 10.40am, with a short rehearsal beforehand. The morning will finish with a Dharma talk and discussion (together with coffee and biscuits). More details can be found here.

Meditation Evenings on Thursdays

A new weekly event has been added to the Priory’s schedule. On Thursday, there is now a Meditation Evening, from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. This consists of: Evening Service, two meditation periods (30 minutes each), with walking meditation between, and Vespers. There will be no tea or Dharma discussion on this evening. It is fine to come along for just the first meditation period.

Priory Closed

The Priory will be closed 2nd – 15th May (inclusive), apart from on the Wednesdays, 3rd and 10th, when it will be open from 7.30pm, for the Sangha to meet together for a Dharma Evening.

Summer Party

This summer’s informal social gathering for Sangha and family will take place on Sunday 9 July in Erpingham in North Norfolk, where it was held last year. There will be a bring-and-share lunch. Please contact the Priory for more details.


I am very grateful for help that I’ve received recently, especially: making a funeral kesa; providing a place for me to have a week’s retreat; looking after the Priory while I was away; producing the Priory’s Wesak cards; and keeping the Priory and its garden tidy and well maintained.

With best wishes and in gassho,

Rev. Leoma