Sangha Activities

Forthcoming events

The next Sangha Stroll will be on Sunday 18th March. Sangha Strolls generally take place each month in Earlham Park and around UEA Lake. We meet at the UEA Lodge, near the UEA Main Car Park, at 2.00pm, for a walk, followed by a hot drink at the Sainsbury Centre Cafe. All Sangha members, friends and family are welcome. Even if the weather is too wet for an actual walk, you can still join us in the café. For more information, please email

Recent events

The inaugural Sangha Stroll happened on Saturday 11th November. Four Sangha members enjoyed an hour-long stroll through Earlham Park and around UEA Lake on a glorious, crisp, sunny autumn afternoon. The stroll was followed by a short browse of the free collection at the Sainsbury Centre and concluded with a well-earned hot drink at the Cafe.

Sangha members enjoying the first Stroll

The inaugural Sangha Strollers

A group of us had an enjoyable evening on Friday 10th November, when we went together to view a photography exhibition on ‘Meditation’ by one of our Sangha, at Studio 20 in Norwich – it featured portraits of all sorts of people meditating in all sorts of spaces (including photos taken of members of our Sangha). The exhibition can now be viewed online

About Sangha activities

Sangha activities can be planned and organised by any member of the Norwich Zen Buddhist Priory Sangha. Generally, they are open to all members of the Sangha, their family and friends and organised around the Priory’s calendar, where possible. There is a board for notices about Sangha activities in the hallway of the Priory, and they can also be added to this web page. The notices should contain all the relevant information, such as dates, times, meeting places, cost (if any) and if any arrangements are being made to share lifts, etc.
Our Sangha activities generally fit in with the interests of a Buddhist Sangha and it is helpful to discuss ideas with other Sangha members or the Prior ahead of time. You are welcome to use the email address ‘‘ if you would like, instead of using a personal email address for the noticeboard and / or web page.
For general information about Sangha activities, you can email:

For details specifically of the Sangha Stroll, the email address is