Autumn 2020
All events are being held online, via Zoom. The Priory is open for individuals (or two or more people from the same household) to visit. We are offering individual introductions to our practice to newcomers, either online or in person at the Priory. For more details, please contact the Priory. For information about how the Priory is operating just now, please see our latest newsletter.

Tuesday evenings 7.00pm – 9.00pm
The evening begins promptly at 7.00pm, so it is helpful to arrive 10 or 15 minutes earlier.

These evenings are particularly suitable for anyone who is unfamiliar with our practice.  They are a good next step on from an Introductory Afternoon. Also, if you aren’t able to attend a Saturday introductory session, you may make an arrangement with Reverend Leoma to have your first visit on a Tuesday, at 6.15pm, when you can be shown the basics of our practice before the evening meeting begins.

Evening Service

We begin with Evening Service, a brief ceremony that includes reciting Great Master Dogen’s Rules for Meditation. Then there are two short meditation periods (20 minutes and 15 minutes), with a brief reminder of the basics of meditation at the start of the first. This is followed by tea, which includes a Dharma talk on a basic Buddhist teaching (with particular emphasis on the Soto Zen perspective and the relevance of this teaching to daily life), as well as a discussion, with an opportunity to ask questions.