Tuesday evenings 7.00pm – 9.00pm (online, as well as at the Priory)
The evening begins promptly at 7.00pm, so it is helpful to arrive a bit earlier.

These evenings are particularly suitable for anyone who is unfamiliar with our practice. They are a good next step on from an Introductory Afternoon. Also, if you aren’t able to join us for a Saturday introductory session, you may make an arrangement with Reverend Leoma to be introduced to our practice on a Tuesday, at 6.15pm, before the evening meeting begins.

Evening Service

We begin with Evening Service, a brief ceremony that includes reciting Great Master Dogen’s Rules for Meditation. Then there are two short meditation periods (20 minutes and 15 minutes), with a brief reminder of the basics of meditation at the start of the first. This is followed by tea, which includes a Dharma talk on a basic Buddhist teaching (with particular emphasis on the Soto Zen perspective and the relevance of this teaching to daily life), as well as a discussion, with an opportunity to ask questions.