Norwich Zen Buddhist Priory has moved to a new home. We look forward to welcoming you here. For more information, you can contact Reverend Leoma and you can read about our move in this newsletter.

Norwich Zen Buddhist Priory is a place of meditation and practice for the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism. It is the residence of a senior monk in the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, Reverend Leoma Hague, who offers teaching and guidance to anyone who wishes to meditate and live a Buddhist life. The Priory is supported by a group of lay Buddhists in Norwich and across East Anglia who follow the Soto Zen tradition.

You are very welcome to come along for an introduction to how we meditate and practise. There are various options for newcomers who would like to find out more.

Our form of Buddhism is centred on the practice of zazen or serene reflection meditation. Soto Zen emphasises meditation as the basis for being still within the events of life and experiencing things as they are.


We have plans to purchase a property as a long-term home for the Priory. More information, including details of the help that is needed for this to happen, can be found here.