Summary of Safeguarding at Norwich Zen Buddhist Priory

With regard to safeguarding of children, the Priory may provide teaching for children, either in school groups or as individuals. However, this isn’t “regulated activity”, as it is always supervised and isn’t carried out with sufficient frequency.

With regard to safeguarding of vulnerable adults, we do not engage in any “regulated activity” for adults.

We continue to keep our arrangements under review, to ensure that we comply with latest guidelines, and provide adequate safeguarding for any children or vulnerable adults who may visit the Priory.

Confidentiality and vulnerable adults

Norwich Zen Buddhist Priory are required, under the Data Protection Act 1998, to maintain client confidentiality. When safeguarding vulnerable adults, there may be a need to disclose confidential information to someone from another organisation, such as the police, adult social services or Mental Health Team. Norwich Zen Buddhist Priory will only do this when the law allows, and when disclosure will help a vulnerable adult in need, or prevent a crime. If confidential information is to be shared, this will be done where possible with the person’s agreement. If this is not given, assessment of their best interests may still justify disclosure, and issues involving a wider or public interest may justify overriding their views. Where the vulnerable adult lacks mental capacity, Norwich Zen Buddhist Priory may undertake consultation with another on their behalf. Any information shared will be on a “need to know” basis, i.e. only information that is directly relevant to safeguarding a vulnerable adult and only the minimum necessary to achieve the objective of protection of vulnerable adults.