Norwich Zen Buddhist Priory follows the Serene Reflection Meditation (Soto Zen) tradition of Buddhism and is part of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, which has temples around the UK and Europe, as well as in North America.

The Priory is situated in west Norwich. With its focus on Zen meditation and Buddhist practice, it provides a quiet place of contemplation in the midst of city life. Being part of a group of people who practise together, whether in person or online, provides encouragement and support, which can be very helpful in establishing a regular meditation practice. But more than that, the ongoing connection with a priory and its resident monk can help a person to realise the spiritual growth that occurs through responding to the ordinary situations of daily life in a way that is grounded in meditation. Deepening our meditation and training becomes the basis for being still within the events of life and being open to experiencing things as they are. And so we can come to know our true nature, our interconnectedness with the whole of existence, and express this in our lives, so that compassion and wisdom become the basis for our actions.

The fundamental purpose of the Priory is to support lay training within the Serene Reflection Meditation tradition for anyone who sincerely wishes to undertake it. You are warmly invited to try out our practice, whether in person or online, at a monthly introductory afternoon. Then, if you would like to take this further, or if you are already familiar with our practice, you are welcome to join in the Priory’s programme of regular events. These events can be accessed online as well as at the Priory.

Please contact the Prior for the address of the Priory and details of how to find it.

The Priory is supported by a group of lay Buddhists throughout East Anglia and beyond. It is dependent entirely on donations.