The Prior is available to be the celebrant for the ceremonies of lay Buddhist life.

House blessings

For a Buddhist practitioner, it can be helpful to have their home dedicated as a place of practice and training. The merit of the ceremony is offered for the peace and safety of the family and the house.

Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies can be carried out for children. The child is offered to the care and protection of the Buddhas, until they are old enough to make their commitment to the religion of their choice.

Marriage blessings

During a Buddhist marriage blessing, the couple undertake to make their union a blessing for all beings.

Funerals and memorials

It is possible to have a Buddhist funeral. The funeral ceremonies generally start with a private ceremony, where the person’s body is made ready and placed in the coffin, usually with only immediate family present. Then follows the public funeral, where the deceased is recognised as a Buddha. Scriptures are recited and the mourners are invited to offer incense. Finally, there is the committal, where we say farewell to the deceased.

Memorials are quite simple ceremonies by which we can mark someone’s passing or the anniversary of their death. A picture of the deceased and some of their favourite food and drink are placed on the altar. The merits of the ceremony are offered to the deceased.