Any trainee may ask to be part of this programme if they have formally taken the Precepts and if they can commit to a certain level of training at the Priory, including the following (although this is written in terms of attending the Priory in person, which would be the ideal, some or all of the elements can be done online):-

– attending the Priory twice a week (including one of the weekly meetings, ie Wednesday evening, Thursday evening or Sunday morning)

– having a Dharma chat with the Prior twice a month (where the trainee comes with a topic to discuss, which might be an aspect of their training in daily life, or something that has arisen in zazen, or something they have read etc)

– attending the steering meetings (once a month on a Sunday)

– attending a day of meditation once a month (Meditation and Contemplation Day on a Saturday)

– attending a five-day sesshin each year (two are scheduled each year).

The trainee may be also involved with the following: giving talks; giving newcomers introductions to the practice; school/college visits; and facilitating meetings when the Prior is away. 

Anybody who is interested in being part of this programme or who would like more details can discuss it with the Prior.