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There will be a morning session and an afternoon session. You are welcome to come along for all or part of the day. The schedule will be as follows:-

10.00amShort Morning Service
10.45Walking meditation
10.55Meditation (ends 11.20)
11.30Dharma talk (during tea)
12.25Walking meditation
1.00Lunch break
2.25Walking meditation
2.35Meditation (ends 3.00)
3.10Evening Service
3.20Meditation (ends 3.50)
4.00Tea and discussion
4.30Retreat ends

The day will be silent, apart from the tea and discussion at the end. The Dharma talk in the morning will be given informally and you can have tea while that is happening, but there won’t be any socialising. During the lunch break, if you are going to return for the afternoon session, you’ll be encouraged to maintain a meditative approach to what you are doing, by using lunch as an opportunity for working meditation and by not checking phones or emails.

Anyone who is interested in joining this retreat can contact the Priory for more details, including the link to the Zoom meeting.